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ALM in the ENDUR context

Power industry

Application lifecycle management

You should make the most of your software's lifecycle, because there is a lot of hidden potential there. To help the software meet your requirements, we offer a range of development and consulting services that support you right from the start. In the energy sector, the regulatory framework and impact of the market are constantly changing. Your system landscape should therefore be able to react flexibly and quickly, without adverse effects on its performance, your interfaces or your departments.

What should your software do?

The ideal companion to the software lifecycle is process analysis, because the more precisely you know what the business requirements are, the more effectively you can work out the requirements and impact on software and hardware.

Software selection

Choosing the right software is crucial. We support you throughout the software lifecycle, from analyzing requirements through to operating the chosen software. With cost/benefits analyses, ROI, requirements coverage, checking licensing models and system prerequisites, you're in safe hands with us.

QA / Test management

Quality assurance and tests are always a key point in the software lifecycle. Experienced test managers can provide you with on-site support, or you can simply outsource your tests using TaaS.

Operation / Maintenance

The changing process requirements and the intense demand for system availability mean that you need personnel who can take care of your systems during operation and further development. Get in touch with us if we can help you out with support, monitoring, customizing ETRM or requirements management, for example.

Interface management

Our customers have numerous interfaces and we have to adapt each and every one of them to the requirements, just like the software systems. It is important to avoid redundancies, to ensure the efficiency and good performance of processes and, above all, safeguard the quality of information exchanged. We are well versed in both individual and standard interfaces, such as SAP, DWH, Trayport, MDM, EDM, ENDUR, Robotron.

Workflow automation

Generally, there is potential for automation in daily processes. This automation could make your work more flexible, lower costs and provide you with cross-system oversight of your processes. Our experts are familiar with common technologies such as Inubit.

Change of release / Upgrade / Migration

Introducing a new version of existing software or migrating legacy data to a new system can be very time-consuming. Planning, including users, testing, the go-live, SIT and migration concepts – we have got to know all these issues in a variety of projects and have mastered them successfully.

Data archiving and performance optimization

Improving the quality of information and data while simultaneously complying with statutory record retention periods leads to a disproportionate rise in data quantities and impairs your system performance. We can help you optimize your performance throughout your process chains, across heterogeneous system landscapes, and store your old data securely. Among other services, we create customized archiving concepts.