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We work together with our customers to implement requirements promptly, in full and with long-lasting results, ensuring planning security and smooth business operations.


For us, sustainability, expertise in solving problems, customer orientation and a broad range of services are not just words, they are the basic principles that guide our employees' actions.

Custodian bank

Predatory competition, regulatory demands, margin pressure and increased complexity of tasks are forcing depositary banks to analyze processes more and more attentively and critically and to alter those processes to fit current circumstances.


Over the course of 20 years, we have successfully met these challenges in numerous customer projects.

Deposit services / Asset management

Customers have become increasingly critical in recent decades. This is reflected in the scope and presentation of information, both in terms of performance and in the sensitivity of costs and requirements.


To get to grips with these opposing forces, the financial institutes need to take a well-thought-out approach, and this is where we can help with our solutions and targeted applications.


The projects overseen by PTA in this area encompass equity financing, outside financing, leasing, factoring and special financing.

Account / Payment / Deposit transactions

Major banks often use expensive customized standard software solutions because they need the entire range of services. However, as many smaller and medium-sized banks and participants in the financial markets only operate partial solutions or specific business segments, these solutions are often oversized. In these cases, it is generally more productive and cost-effective for the institutes to develop individual software working together with a company like PTA.

Customer/Information management

In the age of digital media and growing competition, information management of customer data is becoming increasingly important in the financial sector.


The customer information available in the company is not always structured and cannot be qualified to a satisfactory extent when required for marketing campaigns. A modern information management system that can react efficiently to a wide range of requirements makes it easier to control sales.

Sales and distribution channels

In today's rapid-paced society, shaped by the media and the Internet, it is important not to rely solely on traditional distribution channels, such as branches, the telephone or visits to customers. The Internet and new mobile features make it possible for customers to handle their banking transactions when on the move, at the weekend, on holiday or other times outside office hours.