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Variety of industries for the best prospects

Our services are not restricted to specific software products or manufacturers, nor are they limited to particular industries. What makes PTA unique is the range and diversity of the tasks we work on.


Companies in a wide variety of markets benefit from our experience in other fields, while at the same time they can count on our professional industry knowledge.


No project left unfinished in PTA's company history

PTA represents dependability and expertise. This is confirmed by the more than 2,500 projects we have successfully developed and completed. We are proud of always finding the best solution working in cooperation with our customers - using forward-looking, tried-and-tested methods and technologies.


PTA opens up new horizons, provides ideas for transfer solutions, where needed, and offers highly specialized knowledge. To give you a visual impression of our experience, we present the relevant value-added chain in an industry spotlight and assign one to each of our products.