Support and training

Our wide-ranging knowledge for your objectives

PTA GmbH has performed maintenance and support tasks in a range of customer assignments, which often run for several years. These involve working with standard software systems and our customers' in-house developments. In the standard software area, we are looking at ERP systems (e.g. from SAP or Baan) and CRM applications; in the individual software area, this involves various development environments on different platforms.


We do not only provide maintenance and support work after successful project launches; we also provide it when our customers want to change from their existing support framework for reasons of cost, quality or availability. Naturally, we are willing to undertake re-engineering and restructuring work on the software in question when necessary and to create or revise the associated documentation.


3rd level

When it comes to support, we rely on experts with many years experience of technical details and the specialist environment in question.



Maintaining live systems is a sensitive task that has to successfully balance functional necessity and technical challenges.


Basic training

To ensure a common understanding of our methods, tools and potential approaches to the project, all employees are trained in basic training courses.


Project-specific training

We also use project-specific training courses that are tailored to our customers' practical requirements.