Introducing ERP standard software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

What services do we offer you?

To support our customers' business processes as efficiently and reliably as possible, PTA GmbH has developed individual software systems, combined with wide-ranging expertise in selecting, introducing, enhancing and providing ongoing support of standard software systems from leading manufacturers. We offer expert and professional processing of logistical tasks in purchasing, production, sales and quality management, as well as requirements in financial accounting and bookkeeping and controlling, particularly in project controlling.


In addition to our business know-how in various industries, we have detailed knowledge and profound experience of the associated development environments and tools, making us able to create functional enhancements of standard modules. This not only applies to traditional tools such as the ABAP Development Workbench, SAPscript, Smart Forms or ALE/IDoc, it is also true of modules of the SAP Enterprise Service Architecture (ESA), such as the NetWeaver Development Studio based on J2EE and Eclipse, the Web Applications Server and the Exchange Infrastructure.

ERP - Consulting, customizing and implementation

Before you decide on a standard software system, we provide you with advice, focusing on the following issues:


a) Weak points in the software systems

  • Recording business objectives

  • Deriving the requirements for IT support

  • Analyzing the application systems used

  • Evaluating fulfillment of requirements

  • Creating proposed solutions

b) Requirements definitions

  • Defining project aims and functional requirements

  • Deriving organizational, data and functional models

  • Designing business processes that are to be supported

c) Selecting standard software systems

  • Creating the catalog of requirements

  • Determining software alternatives

  • Evaluating alternatives

  • Recommended decision

d) Feasibility analyses



We provide the following services to support the introduction of ERP systems:


  • Customizing standard functions

  • Prototyping of business processes

  • Designing and implementing functions, documents and interfaces

  • Coaching employees

  • Migration and fusion of ERP systems

  • Implementing interfaces

ERP - Project planning

PTA GmbH uses detailed procedural models to introduce ERP standard software. These models take into account the relevant manufacturer suggestions (e.g. ASAP from SAP, Baan Target) and iterative and agile methods. The models are based in part on the PTA procedural model, which has been tried and tested and successively improved over years, and in part on the results and findings of our successful projects (see our project references). New developments, such as consideration of industry-specific issues, are continuously being added to the procedural model, ensuring the optimum project flow for our customers.

Additionally, it is possible to implement enhanced requirements using individually created software. The appropriate development environment is used for this software.

ERP - Project support

We help you implement ERP solutions in project management, analyze and design new business processes and implement solutions. In addition to taking on complete projects, cooperating with customers and partners, we also provide specialists for configuring specific business processes or optimizing functions and processes.


Furthermore, we are happy to take on advanced projects or definable subtasks. As with overall project planning, this gives you access to all our many years of experience in business consulting.


This experience enables us to implement interface solutions with other application systems commonly available on the market. Besides developing interface control centers and monitoring functions, we have in-depth knowledge of integration with office environments, which can be used for designing optimized sales documents (quotations, invoices) or data exchange with Office tools such as MS Excel and MS Access, for example.

ERP - Support

Once the project launch has been successfully completed, we offer functional and technical support for live operation, including the necessary further developments, optimizations and release upgrades. We are able to build up and operate complete support organizations, including a user help desk and authorization management.


We also carry out national and international rollout of successful implementations in subsidiaries and affiliated companies, as well as integrating individual national systems, e.g. via ALE or RFC, in order to ensure efficient and smooth use of standard software systems.