Enterprise Resource Planning

We make our customers' decisions a reality.

The majority of our customers use SAP® systems to support their business processes. To ensure that we can be a reliable and expert partner here, we have become qualified in the most important SAP® Business Suite modules and solutions. We can draw on extensive project experience in technical design consulting, as well as in further development and linking of proprietary developments and third-party systems. Send us a message using our

Understanding ERP

Icon_Phasenmodell_ERP.pngGiven our objective of providing all-round support to our customers, we of course also offer services in the field of standard software. These also include the functional areas that are often summarized under enhanced ERP or ERP II, such as business intelligence (BI), strategic enterprise management (SEM) and advanced planning and optimization (APO).


ERP Services

Icon_Phasenmodell_ERP_vertikal.pngIn addition to knowledge and experience of various industry software systems, our project activities focus strongly on ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. In addition, we also support industry-specific versions and enhancements of the leading standard software systems (industrial solutions).