Task areas

Communicative CRM

Operative CRM

Analytical CRM

Collaborative CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What does CRM mean for your company?

In CRM (customer relationship management), a company addresses its overall focus on customers, taking the following areas into account:


In the marketing area, CRM helps optimize the design and execution of campaigns, lead management and analyzing success.


The improvements for sales to increase turnover include adapted sales processes and methods, quicker response times by field staff members and successful quotation processing.


In customer service, the benefits include long-term improvements to customer satisfaction thanks to optimized service and complaints management.


How can you CRM system be successful?

The CRM system can be divided into four functional task areas. Success is dependent on how these task areas interact:


  • Communicative
  • Operative
  • Analytical
  • Colaborative


The communicative CRM deals with documenting all channels of communication, such as email, chat, activity feeds, SMS, letter, fax and telephone. This ensure continuous availability. In addition, all company divisions know the entire customer history and there is a standardized image of the company: one face to the customer.


In the operative CRM, the aim is to make all the important information about the customer easily accessible: 360° view of the customer. Optimum operational support for employees in all areas is crucial here, because success depends on user acceptance.


The analytical CRM provides easy access to KPIs, evaluations and reports. Trends in customer behavior should be identified in good time. The results are summarized and displayed in a service or marketing dashboard.


In the collaborative CRM, all the CRM systems are built into a heterogeneous system landscape: turning isolated applications into an integrated system. This makes it possible to provide the best support for cross-system processes.


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