Task areas

Business Intelligence (BI)

What does BI mean for your company?

Each company has a wide variety of systems, some of which have enormous data volumes. This data is available in both structured and unstructured form. The challenge is to contextualize the data and reduce it to the essentials to enable a better overview of the overall business and make the relevant information available to decision-makers in a form that is appropriate to them. Furthermore, in today's world, users more and more frequently require increasingly complex analyses of ever growing quantities of data. This challenge is referred to as "big data".


We develop BI solutions starting from the business process. We are always focused the question of WHY when defining requirements.


Good analysis and reporting systems are integrated into the user's working environment. They provide information where it is needed, without the need for in-depth knowledge of tools. The right quantity of information is also crucial: user-specific filters adapt dynamically to the required content.


Information alone is not enough: decisions and measures can be triggered and supported by modern IT systems. We create information cockpits or printable reports for you that are tailored to the needs of specific users. Forecasts and scenarios provide useful instruments for portfolio analysis or risk management.