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Standard software

What we offer for business applications

Although PTA GmbH is an independent consultancy that does not provide its own software products, we view standard software as a very important element of our business model. To provide broad-ranging and long-lasting support in line with our customers' requirements, we have built up our knowledge and experience of the most important standard software products available on the market. As such, we are not merely able to shape and optimize business processes using these applications. Using our far-reaching developer skills, we can also create interfaces between systems, and design and implement add-ons using both the various manufacturer-specific development environments and other tools.


Customer relationship management

We can help you design and introduce a successful CRM solution and be there to support you – from analysis through to implementation of anything from slightly adapted or highly specialized user interfaces. Analyzing and optimizing your business processes in the sales and distribution, marketing, and service areas are part of a new corporate philosophy that takes a customer-centered approach.


Enterprise resource planning

We support our customers in almost all operational processes, with our specialist and technical knowledge and experience of IT. To provide this comprehensively and effectively, we added the field of standard software to our portfolio of services in the early 90s. We offer our know-how both for selected industry software and for enterprise resource planning systems (classic ERP or ERP II, especially from SAP®).


Business intelligence

To meet our customers' stringent requirements for reporting of their business data in standard and legacy systems, it is essential for us to have extensive knowledge of business intelligence systems and methods. Collecting and evaluating business-related data is the key element of business intelligence. We work with the most important data warehouse products from the manufacturers of standard software and databases.