Web development

The future of work requires flexible horizons

When it comes to overcoming the limits of heterogeneous IT landscapes, web applications often provide a pragmatic solution. Their independence from any specific devices also offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to organizing work. Applications run on different computers, tablets or smartphones. They can be accessed from a workstation in the office or out and about. And this does not involve any costly investment in redundant software systems.


We provide you with know-how for web development based on a wide range of technologies. This way, we protect the security of our customers' investment in their existing IT landscape and can profitably use our customers' existing knowledge in projects. Our experience of web services guarantees the integration of on-premises systems and linking of applications in the cloud context.


Our project experience covers classic ASP.NET applications and the use of .NET Lightswitch for HTML5 and Silverlight developments. Our wealth of experience includes using Java JSF, as well as developing our own Java standard JSF persistence framework with a generative approach to data access, and a customized RAD-IDE developed in-house.


When it comes to lightweight new developments, depending on the context, we use either TypeScript or an HTML5 and JavaScript framework for responsive web design that supports all the standard end device types.


In the case of particularly challenging web design, we complement the design experts from our own ranks with qualified agencies with whom we have long-term partnerships, or we integrate established designers from the customer's organization into our projects.