Office applications

Pragmatic solutions for daily requirements

For some application requirements, a heavyweight individual software development is not a suitable solution. The organizational expense is often too great, the necessary project durations are too long and the costs are not always balanced by the commercial benefit.


In these cases, pragmatically realized Office applications are often an appropriate way of implementing solutions within the existing IT landscape – solutions that are available promptly and are often developed with the direct involvement of users in the departments.


Normally, this involves Microsoft Word, Excel or Access applications. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that these do not necessarily have to be isolated applications. Instead, SharePoint provides a suitable basis for providing a cross-application runtime environment, e.g. for Access applications. In addition, a dedicated framework makes it possible to offer mechanisms of application lifecycle management as part of an Access solution.


Thanks to open APIs, our project experience has also shown that Outlook has developed into a central control platform for Office applications. In addition to integrating Word and Excel, links to Lync, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM, in particular, provide exciting opportunities for the future.