Guidelines and methods

Our success over the decades is due to our values

Customer orientation

Our work is centered on the benefit to our customers. In each individual project, we focus on creating added value for our customers. In the long-term partnerships we maintain with our customers, we aim to support them as effectively as possible, so that they continue to thrive on the market.


Our project work therefore always centers on our customers' objectives. For us, the aim is to strengthen the customer in the project.


Cooperation and partnership

In long-term customer relations, we aim to do more than just successfully implement projects. In close cooperation with our customers, we maintain the partnership beyond the individual project.


If possible, we try to ensure physical proximity by an appropriate choice of location. Short distances free up time for flexible cooperation and make it possible for us to support our customers after the project is complete.


Technical qualification

The key to our success is our understanding of technical interrelations. Being proficient in the technologies for implementation is a matter of course for us.


To ensure the necessary process know-how in each case, we use specialist experts in our customer projects whenever possible. Our experts enhance their knowledge by means of needs-oriented training and certification, and continuously expand that knowledge in long-term relationships with customers.


Structured procedure

We have documented our decades of practical experience in a project manual. Taking this wealth of experience as a basis, we continuously adapt our methods to each project situation. The variety of different experiences enables a structured procedure both in traditionally organized projects and in an agile environment.


Our use of tried-and-tested methods combined with a creativity appropriate to the environment results in successful projects.