Desktop applications

Making the most of IT potential in the workplace

Customized applications for specific hardware or operating systems often provide the most effective combination of IT organization, development effort and achievable commercial benefit.


Using an appropriate architectural foundation, we develop forward-looking applications for our customers and embed these applications in the overall strategy for the company's IT. The range of services we offer stretches from simple stand-alone solutions through to n-tier architecture. Depending on the existing IT landscape, we use either Java Swing as the model-based framework or .NET as the development platform. Our project experience covers the entire development path of WinForms, via WPF (the Windows Presentation Foundation), through to RT-based app development. We offer the option of implementing mobile solution components on the basis of common platforms. These currently include Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


Protecting the security of your investment is very important to us. As such, we continue to maintain and develop Oracle Forms applications for our customers and use Cobol dialog programming in projects.