Database development

After all, databases are often the heart of a company's IT

Modern databases are more than simply a storage location for structured data. When it comes to reporting, business intelligence or developing comprehensive business applications: up-to-date database systems make it possible to implement these scenarios efficiently.


Our wide range of project experience is the result of the many different technical application cases that we have realized. We provide technological consulting in accordance with our guiding principles, impartially and across the entire range of possible implementation platforms. When implementing database developments, we can draw on experience with a wide range of systems. Naturally, the SQL server from Microsoft and Oracle Database provide a solid cornerstone for a variety of projects. But we have also successfully used IBM DB2, Informix, IMS-DB and classic ISAM and VSAM databases in projects.


To ensure that our many years of experience are also included in new projects, we have developed an ETL framework that can be reused regardless of the application context. Fully developed programming guidelines and naming conventions have been tried and tested in daily project work and have improved efficiency many times over.