"PTA egg" - a project model

Software development

We offer expertise in all common development environments

The most important business segment in the more than 45 years of PTA GmbH's history is developing software systems on the basis of customer requirements. The basis of this is an in-depth knowledge of our customers' business processes and our ability to implement the associated requirements in applications.


On the basis of tried-and-tested process models, we use the development tools agreed for each environment to design and develop user-friendly application systems. In order to carry out these tasks expertly and reliably, we cover a wide range of the programming languages, database systems, system software, operating systems and related middleware products used on the IT market.


For more detailed information about our knowledge and skills, see our project database, which documents the system environments and the analysis and development tools used in the individual projects.


Web Development

When it comes to overcoming the limits of heterogeneous IT landscapes, web applications often provide a pragmatic solution.


Desktop applications

Customized applications for specific hardware or operating systems often provide the most effective combination of IT organization, development effort and achievable commercial benefit.


Office applications

Pragmatically realized Office applications are often an appropriate way of implementing solutions within the existing IT landscape – solutions that are available promptly and are often developed with the direct involvement of users in the departments.


Database development

When implementing database developments, we can draw on experience with a wide range of systems. Fully developed programming guidelines and naming conventions have been tried and tested in daily project work and have improved efficiency many times over.


Guidelines and methods

Our project work always centers on the customer's objectives. For us, the aim is to strengthen the customer in the project.