The planning cockpit from EuroMistral®

Industry solutions

Successful cooperation in software products

We not only specialize in designing and developing individual solutions that give our customers an edge over their competitors. We also provide support to manufacturers and distributors of software systems, in the form of technical consulting, deploying methods, enhancing consulting services and providing development experts.


IT in the diagnostic lab

With its unique combination of experience, IT know-how and technical knowledge, PTA provides you with excellent support in developing your IT solution in the laboratory. Your product is well defined thanks to a systematic and high quality description of the processes and requirements. Implementation with the most suitable technology for your framework conditions is accompanied by expert project and quality management, through to support for market launch and beyond.


Energy systems

To provide even better support for customers in the energy sector, with their heterogeneous IT infrastructure, we offer specialist services for choosing software or defining projects, as well as launch and maintenance of their IT solutions. Missing components are supplemented by individual solutions and standard packages are integrated via interfaces. To enhance our range of services, we maintain strategic partnerships with leading producers of standard software for the energy trade and risk management.


Logistics systems

With the takeover of the DATIS IT Services business segments, we now also maintain and further develop the EuroMistral standard software, which is used by carriers across Europe. In collaboration with a working group of user companies, DATIS and PTA employees are successfully re-engineering this powerful software product.