Our TaaS

Quality Assurance (QA)

Testing as a service

TaaS is an umbrella term for a range of services that outsource testing and quality assurance measures and integrate the results into the course of your project. We provide various services for optimum integration into your existing processes; these services are also available as packages. The shared processes are set up using our tried-and-tested checklists. The aim is to minimize your testing effort while simultaneously ensuring optimal integration of the benefits of the test results into your project process.


In this service, we offer you the chance to outsource tasks relating to testing. PTA acts here not only as a reliable service provider, but also gives you the opportunity to benefit from an independent and neutral entity that protects your quality and efficiency interests and needs.


We offer you tailored solution packages aimed at achieving the best integration into your existing processes. The shared processes are set up with the help of our tried-and-tested checklists.


Make use of our knowledge. We offer you the chance to minimize your testing effort while simultaneously ensuring optimal integration of the full benefits of the test results into your project process.

The benefits at a glance
  • Minimizing your expenses while simultaneously improving your results.
  • The quality of your software increases and costs resulting from errors decrease.
  • No licensing costs for test automation tools and no operating expenses for test environments in your project.


The total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced. 


  • Your developer resources are freed up.
  • You benefit from a structured set-up phase.
  • Short take-over time for your release level, resulting in quicker feedback about errors - during implementation itself.


Development cycles become shorter and the product is available quicker.

Test management

We help you through the entire software lifecycle, according to your needs, or, if you prefer, through selected process/project phases, giving you advice and support. If you want, we can also provide you with a test manager.


Your requirements form the basis for developing a suitable test strategy and provide the foundation for sound test organization and test planning.


We advise and support you...

  • ... in planning the transfer of test cases and test data,
  • ... in coordinating with software suppliers,
  • ... in specifying the test environments,
  • ... in evaluating the test results,
  • ... in coordinating requirements for test evaluation and error management,
  • ... in creating proposals for further QA measures.
Creating test cases

In order to achieve the best results for you, we work together closely with your end users when creating suitable test cases.


We carry out accompanying reviews of the specification for you and complete the test cases by preparing and providing test data.


We always take your test strategy into account, both when creating the test cases and when deriving test scenarios and a test catalog from the requirements specification.


We minimize your costs by means of appropriate test case reduction and optimization.


We efficiently integrate testing into your project. Our expert test team evaluates your requirements and then carries out the necessary tests (e.g. white box text, performance tests).


We document the individual test steps for you, record the test results and errors and summarize these for you in reports.


We would also be happy to support your in-house tests. Make the most of our know-how, e.g. in evaluating and checking test logs or when recording test results.

Test automation

Benefit from our practical experience in the field of test automation. We check how suitable your processes are for automation and provide you with expert advice on choosing the right system.


In line with your needs and the technical requirements, we use our test tools (e.g. HP QTP or TestComplete) to create test scripts and perform automatic tests. We record the results for you, organize them accordingly and make them available to you.

Providing test environments

In our test environment, we provide you with the necessary technical infrastructure (such as servers and database) to perform your tests.


We take your set of test data and, after completing the tests, provide you with the test results and all the test material we received and accrued.


Our services include dummy (mock) interfaces for simulating external systems and providing suitable platforms for test results and reporting.