Our QA consulting

Quality Assurance (QA)

Consulting on quality assurance

The QS consulting area groups together services that all have a temporary nature and focus on optimizing processes. The aim of consultancy in the QA environment is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all project processes. This applies both to development methods and the associated processes, and to the optimum use of tools.



  • Training in agile methods: Scrum, Kanban,
  • Creating transparency with the help of metrics (progress monitoring),
  • For those with little experience of agile methods, we offer einem "jump start in agile",
  • Support in organizing and controlling subsequent changes,
  • Moderation in problems with group dynamics (team building),
  • Temporary scrum mastering,
  • Change management,
  • Methods and tool training,
  • Coaching the product owner.
Method optimization


  • Analysis of project environment,
  • Developing a catalog of measures.
Tool evaluation


  • Creating a catalog of criteria for selecting tools,
  • Checking requirements, e.g. costs/licenses, programming language,
  • Evaluating suitable tools for your general conditions,
  • Preliminary selection of tools,
  • Training courses in the chosen tool,
  • Providing ready-made templates.
Reviewing requirements


  • Examining testability of functional requirements,
  • Checking that formulations are unambiguous,
  • Checking that the chosen graphical modeling languages/elements are used correctly and appropriately,
  • Checking the requirements documentation on the basis of criteria such as consistency, clarity and structure.