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Application lifecycle management tools

The ALM tools area covers services that deal with selecting, making the most of and operating ALM tools. ALM stands for application lifecycle management and it deals, on the one hand, with managing applications (software) throughout its lifecycle and, on the other hand, with supporting users. To this end, tools are selected in accordance with the customer's requirements, alternatives and intermediate products are checked and the application software is customized and further developed for the customer - as needed.


In most cases, ALM tools have an alibi function or are reduced to the minimum required, such as version management and test case descriptions. We help you turn your investment into genuine project performance by optimally harmonizing the ALM tool functions to your methods and general organizational conditions.


This optimization involves:

  • Maximizing the benefits of the transparency that ALM tools offer,
  • Evaluating completeness checks to improve quality,
  • Continuous and demonstrable increase in project members' productivity thanks to consistent avoidance of duplicate costs,
  • Saving best practice models to standardize work results and improve their quality.


Our knowledge of tools covers all the important providers on the market. Here is a selection:

  • ALM tool provider: Microsoft, HP, Atlassian, RallyDev, Inflectra, SmartBear,
  • Support tools: OTRS, JIRA,
  • Version management: CVS, SubVersion, GIT, TFS.