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WLB - balancing life and work

Or: Family and career belong together

Employees at PTA are highly motivated and proficient, but they have a range of different biographies, and these generally also change over time.


For us, work-life balance is therefore the opportunity for each and every employee to find the right equilibrium between their working and private lives.


PTA structures support variety in personal and professional life

PTA encourages to arrange their working day freely and on their own authority, thanks to

  • a flexible working hours model,

  • regional customer deployments and

  • continuous development of modern IT workplaces (virtual desktops, option of working from home). 


PTA is a family company that combines human values and customer-oriented performance. We enjoy flat structures and maximum cooperation to enable a rapid pace of action, in the interests of our customers and our employees.


We avoid hierarchical organization and titles and instead concentrate our energy on our customers and projects.


At PTA, we believe in "leading through expertise". This means that each and every employee can become involved according to their abilities and possibilities, as they see fit, and can continuously expand and pass on their skills.


Internal and external networking - experiencing PTA

PTA organizes company-wide activities and events for its employees. We encourage networking, within the company and beyond.


We want people to take the initiative, according to their preferences, and us all to enjoy ourselves together through sport, culture and music.