Our competence

Further training

We develop your potential

PTA is focused on close relations and expertise. Continuous knowledge transfer and open dialog are the hallmarks of our company.


Further training is not just an obligation for us - it's an essential part of our work

Our customers appreciate PTA for its personality and its reliable teams. These are based on:

  • In-depth technical knowledge,

  • Reliable, practical knowledge of methods,

  • Social expertise and

  • Constructive communication.


We provide you with individualized further training, because one-size-fits-all solutions are not what PTA is about

Individual personal development and further technical qualification are part of our human resources development strategy.


We do not train you according to a general schema, but specifically and practically. Our seminars and training courses are geared towards existing qualifications, customer-specific requirements and the project in question. Whenever possible, we like to take your interests and goals into account.


We want you to become better

ON THE JOB TRAININGS customer-specific orientation, job rotation, job enlargement, interregional project deployments, time abroad, changes of location, targeted and structured onboarding processes.

OFF THE JOB TRAININGS with workshops, preferably by experienced colleagues, coaching, training courses, online training.

FURTHER QUALIFICATIONS by means of support for certification, courses, extra-occupational studies, self-study, distance learning programs.



Our company seminars support this

Seminars 2014

2014 summer seminar

Social Business - a cultural change in every company?

CRM - from personal quote to a transparent sales process with a central document storage

Collaboration in IT projects - from file share location to SharePoint project

SharePoint application "IDV organizer" (a solution for gap applications)

Building web applications based on a single page architecture


Seminars 2013

2013 winter seminar

Everyone's talking about business processes - why? Sales instrument: Process modeling keynote speech Visual process simulation with cs:kit Automating business processes Successfully controlling business processes with process controlling Business impact analysis and BPMN process modeling Software tool evaluation of business process Management BPM with SAP Solution Manager Requirements of modern BPM systems - agito BPMO and SAP HANA Cloud approaches


2013 summer seminar

Risk and risk perception - the (IT) security business IT security at the workplace Confidentiality and secrecy - the IT consultant between the implicit and the criminal Smart metering – a proposal from BSI for intelligent and secure networks (BSI TR-03109) Project management and quality assurance in an agile approach - a field report Initializing the 'Quality assurance' PTA business segment

Seminars 2012

2012 winter seminar

Requirements and quality management in laboratory IT Application lifecycle management (ALM) in PTA projects Business process modeling - experiences from a major SAP project


2012 summer seminar

New user interface design for IT-supported consulting instrument for fields sales employees at an insurance company Intuitive complexity - on designing industrial user interfaces IBM Cognos BI10 in retail Parallel programming in the age of multi-core systems SAP CPS – Central Process Scheduling

Seminars 2011

2011 winter seminar

Mobile applications - history and development trends The gas market in Germany AOPOOP per Aspect - experience from projects SAP BW - global purchasing reporting


2011 summer seminar

Cloud computing - a new hype? Introducing option trading in an energy trading company Supporting (third-party) applications Migrating .NET applications Designing an interface