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Teams, colleagues and personalities

Our employees combine expertise and humanity

We are there for our customers with our 400 employees at 11 locations.


PTA is a family business that employs several generations of the same family. The company's wide-ranging technical and IT expertise, its constant development, strong sense of responsibility and team-oriented cooperation means that it is ideally positioned for the future.


Living diversity and technical flexibility

PTA employees have a lot in common: In our company, individual initiative, motivation, independence and the courage to take responsibility are essential.


Our company philosophy is based on cooperativeness combined with a high level of technical expertise, which is what our customers have come to appreciate.


Each employee brings their own individual skills and qualifications. University graduates and technical experts work together, hand in hand. The diverse teams are made up of graduates of business and natural sciences, information technology and people who have changed career.

  • Around half of PTA employees have completed a university degree.

  • IT as a man's world? At PTA, about a third of employees are women.

  • The age structure is relatively balanced – which connects longstanding experience to new impetus, across the generations.


Those who join PTA, stay

Each year, 5 - 10% of employees celebrate milestone anniversaries (10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 years).

This could be down to the family-friendly atmosphere at PTA, together with the interesting and varied tasks.


"(...) For me, the corporate culture at PTA is characterized by short decision-making channels, flat hierarchies, helpful colleagues and flexibility that shows itself in many little ways."

(Employee since 1997, employee magazine PTA-Aktuell 12/2012)


"Has everything been great all the time? Of course not. So why did I stay? Because it was precisely in these situations that I realized that PTA is an employer with which you can discuss problems openly."

(Employee since 2002, employee magazine PTA-Aktuell 12/2012)


"Over my time here, I have worked together with many colleagues. Without exception, this collaboration has been marked by good relations between colleagues, helpfulness and productivity."

(Employee since 1988, employee magazine PTA-Aktuell 06/2013)


"How can you end up staying 20 years with your first employer? Off the top of my head, the descriptions I would use are: respected, feeling comfortable, responsibility, security, being listened to, competence and help, (...)."

(Employee since 1992, employee magazine PTA-Aktuell 06/2013)


"The way that people work together and the open style of dealings here have been among my positive experiences."

(Employee since 1998, employee magazine PTA-Aktuell 12/2013)


"What would you advise your Company? Fact that different character types from different disciplines are set, I find very rewarding. In any case, continue to maintain the leadership style can motivate the employees themselves and not have to respond to economic pressure."

(Employee since 1999, employee magazine PTA-Aktuell 06/2014)