Requirements Engineering & Business Analysis

Build Your Product on a Strong Foundation

It is not technologies that can make projects fail. It is unclearly communicated purpose caused by poor, incomplete or inefficient requirements. Do you want to succeed in your projects?

  • We identify functional and technologically relevant stakeholders, moderate and run workshops.
  • We work out the requirements according to your models and contribute our expertise.
  • We analyze and model business processes, systems and workflows.
  • We integrate marketing, business development, verification & validation, and service in the process.
  • We incorporate expectation management as well as a culture of positive feedback.



Your Benefits

Our expert and domain knowledge is combined with years of experience. Therefore you can depend on our service in terms of quality, punctuality and the agreed costs. We offer:

  • Short- and long-term resources for Requirements Management and Business Analysis
  • An external perception and soft skills for workshop-moderation and coaching
  • Systematic, efficient and effective identification of requirements on various levels: customer requirements, product requirements or technical requirements
  • Standards-compliant documentation and business process modeling
  • Smooth and full integration into your structures and processes
  • Enhanced product quality by means of clear, aligned requirements



Our Methods and Resources

Our technical and domain knowledge serves as a bridge between business and IT. The intensive involvement of all stakeholders as well as the evaluation based on cost-effectiveness, relevance and priority (scope management) serve as key factors. Customer requests and the results of risk-analysis serve as essential prerequisites. In addition, development, service and the test department are valuable panelists for us.

By use of modern tools which we can administer, we lay the groundwork for complete traceability.

The more agile a project operates, the more the uncertainty about status and maturity rises. The transparency we create allows all involved and interested to stay informed about the present state. Creating high quality requirements on time and on budget is our passion.



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