Enable - Drive - Build

Create Space for what is Most Important

You focus on your business goal. However strict standards, regulations, inherited burdens, the operating day-to-day business, technological challenges and the complex structure slow down consensus building and therefore your product development processes. We support you with methodological skills and expertise.


  • We take on responsibility, serve as a catalyst and provide impulses.
  • We develop concepts and procedures and support your team during the setup.
  • We structure projects or processes and ensure their progress.
  • We analyze, design, develop, document, verify and validate meeting the compliance standards.

Your Benefits

You profit from our expert domain knowledge and many years of experience, so you can focus on your tasks and strengths. Being a local, reliable service provide, we contribute high quality awareness, project experience and soft skills. We support you and your team with:


  • A neutral point of view on the project and derivation of measures
  • Skills you need currently but not permanently on the team
  • Skills and domain knowledge out of the box
  • Experts who are familiar with regulated environments and who cooperate proactively in all stages of the product development process

Our Methods and Resources

In the critical phase of the project setup, we support you effectively. Whether you need specific support in assessment and market analysis, feasibility studies, prototypes, strategic consulting, or whether you need support in a more general way by workshops and presentations.

During the project we offer coaching and project management as complementary functions. For us it is important to continuously question the approach and progress as well as creating transparency. With an active risk management we keep your project on track.

In addition to the basic disciplines of software development such as requirements, implementation, and verification & validation, our specialists for user-centered design, usability and regulatory matters ensure the success of your products.


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