Process Consulting

Optimize Your Potential

Are you looking to optimize your processes and procedures? Are you re-writing your rules or operating procedures? Is quality and cost management important to you? By means of targeted analysis and consulting we help you to model your process landscape to fit in with today’s demands. We can:

  • Create an overview of your processes and their inter-dependencies
  • Model customer and business processes
  • Analyze and evaluate current processes
  • Continually optimize processes
  • Introduce, monitor and control development processes


Your Benefits

Benefit from local and reliable services. PTA builds on a culture of quality, reliability and delivering on time. You can expect a partner that understands the importance of:

  • Your process interfaces and their interconnections
  • Process efficiency and efficiency based on scientific evaluations
  • Responsibility for and communication of process changes
  • A constant oversight and improvement of your processes



Our Methods and Resources

We strive to build on our understanding of your organization, and aim to exceed your organization's expectations. We connect process owners and their participants and create the optimal solution for all concerned. Using workshops, tool evaluation, training and coaching we ensure our client implements effective processes.

Together with you we define success criteria, and evaluate them graphically and textually.


By defining and evaluating success criteria together with you we establish the transparency and trust, which is the basis of PTA’s philosophy.



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