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Business Analysis


Seamless Project Management




Database Development


Process Consulting




Enable - Drive - Build


Requirements Engineering


Usability and Design


Innovation Management


Software Development


Software Testing



Enabling: empowering, supporting. Our service package Enabling-Services supports people, business transactions and industry solutions as well as technology.

Being a business consultancy, we offer a broad range of services. Our services are mostly related to organizational (Enabling Business) and IT issues (Enabling Software) within projects. In addition, we support your employees (Enabling People) and offer longstanding expertise in various industry solutions, particularly in the field of Life Science.

PTA consultants are experienced in developing individual applications and branch-specific solutions in all modern development environments.


PTA ensures successful project completion by applying innovative as well as traditional process models according to the type of project. We apply methods appropriate to the development lifecycle. For this, PTA profits from a wealth of experience in a broad range of tools as well as customer-specific applications.




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