Corporate History

Milestones in the History of PTA Schweiz: Facts and Figures

2005 - 2015
2013 Dr. Thomas Steinmann is appointed CEO of PTA Schweiz GmbH
2013 Expansion und relocation to bigger premises
2012 Distinct extension and acquisition of expertise in the field of Usability / Interaction Design
2010 5-year-anniversary of PTA Schweiz GmbH
2010 Kick-off and implementation of specific trainee programs – Training Camps
2009 Expansion of the training center


Acquisition of expertise in the fields of Business Process Analysis as well as Requirements Engineering
2007 Moving into the current premises in Hohlstrasse 192 in Zurich, Switzerland
2006 Start of business operations to serve long-time key-account customers locally in Switzerland
2005 Founding of PTA Schweiz GmbH in Zurich, Switzerland

Our company history

PTA GmbH has witnessed and helped shape IT-development

In 1969 ...

... Programmier-Technische Arbeiten GmbH (PTA GmbH) was founded in Mannheim, Germany. The company aimed to develop programs for technical calculations, particularly for heat requirement calculations in the construction sector.


In the following years, the focus of our development work shifted towards commercial applications, especially in financial accounting and in payroll accounting. We not only developed programs for IBM mainframe systems and operated these using punchcards but also performed accounting processes as a service for industrial corporations.


The increasing dialogization of application systems required ever closer cooperation with customers in order to solve organizational and conceptual design tasks together. For this reason, we deliberately focused our business activities on executing customer projects. Given the customers' different requirements, we were able to gradually expand our range of services, which gave us in-depth experience of the most important development environments combinded with a variety of specialized knowledge of various industries.


Today, PTA consulting work no longer merely covers conceptual design and programming for individual systems. The increasing use of standardized applications in enterprises allow the comprehensive technical know-how by PTA consultants to also be used to select, launch and enhance the most important standard software products on the market.


In 2005, we positioned ourselves to further expand the PTA Group's range of services and sphere. In mid-2005, DATIS Software GmbH was founded (DATIS IT-Services GmbH since 2011), which took over the business segments for datacenters (outsourcing, hosting, cloud computing) and developing standard software for the logistics sector from an external service provider, which had long been active in this field.

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